What are your kayaks made of?

Our kayaks are made of High Density Polyurethane (HDPE) with a UV Resistance of “UV8”.

HDPE is a rigid, high tensile strength sheet that is UV stabilised and is resistant to both hot and cold temperature extremes. HDPE is non toxic and non staining.

Do your kayaks come with a warranty?

There is a life time warranty on kayak body.

Do you deliver?

Delivery can be arranged for a small cost, please phone Tom on 0422 929 477 to discuss.

How can I look at your kayaks?

Please phone Tom on 0422 929 477 for an appointment.

Can I choose my colour?

Of course!  We have a great range of colours in stock or you can place a custom order (approximately 6 weeks).

What do your kayaks come with?

We sell the kayaks by themselves as well as in bundles which include accessories such as paddles, seats, leashes, trolleys and fishing rod holders.  The reason we don’t include the extras with all kayaks is that some customers already have all the accessories and are simply looking to upgrade their kayak.  We find this is the best way to offer our customers exactly what they’re after.

What is the weight capacity?

You can see the weight specifications on each of the individual kayaks when you click through the pages.

Where do your kayaks come from?

We import our kayaks from China from a trusted supplier that we have built up a great relationship with over the years.  We own the patent on the designs which have been perfected after much research and trial and error!  We are very happy with the quality and design of our products, particularly in comparison to those stocked in the large sporting goods/outdoor chain stores.  We are confident you’ll agree once you check out our products.

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